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          Add: Liufang Road, Haikou, Hainan Province, Golden Island on the 9th Floor, Room 101
          Zip: 571100
          Tel: 400-860-2499
          Fax: 0898-65379933

          CORPORATE INTERPRETATIONCurrent: Home > About Us > Corporate interpretation
          "Green seedlings Limited" icon based on green tone, composed of balls, root, Seed Germ and other elements.
          Green symbolizes health, hope and vigorous vitality and vitality.
          On behalf of the vast farmland covered sphere of the earth, for the sustainable development of global agriculture.
          Sprouting seed germ, reflects a pregnant beauty, indicates that the "green" can break through heavy resistance, continue to grow.
          Mark center is to grow roots, represents the foundation of "green" huge solid, with high-tech food, Everfount for enterprise development to provide strong support.
          Icon overall color fresh, clever, Yuyishenke, to convey the image of "green" diligently, fighting spirit.