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          Zip: 571100
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          Sweet Glunious Corn
          Sweet Glunious Corn NO.16--Sweet Glunious Corn

          Sweet Glunious Corn NO.16--Sweet Glunious Corn


          High quality, strong resistance, bright in colour, sweet and glunious

          There is 75% glunious corns and 25% super sweet corn in one ear thin skin withiut residue. The thick cone ear is without bald, and its kernels are mid-sized in the colour of red and white in neat rows. Generally, the lenght of ear is 20cm with 320g weigth of per ear. The leaf keeps in green well. The good commercial corn beyonds to mid-matured species with high rate of double ear, and the yield is at least 1100kg per acre. The type of the plant is half tight with resistance to lodging. In Hainan, the heigh of the plant is 180cm. While in the area of Zhejiang, the height is 220cm and the period is 82days during the spring sowing. It enjoys terong resistance to rust, low temperature and rainy. It is wide adaptablity.