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          Sweet Glunious Corn
          A Heige--Sweet Glunious Corn

          A Heige--Sweet Glunious Corn

          Variety characteristics:

          Good quality and stable yield with black waxy corn, rich flavor, good taste, high anthocyanin content. Average panicle length 18-20 centimeters, 16-18 lines, single panicle weighs 300 grams or so. The spring sowing period in Jilin area is about 98 days, and the plant height is 218 cm. The spring sowing period is about 88 days, and the plant height is 200 cm. This variety has wide adaptability, semi compact plant shape, tough stalk, disease resistance, lodging resistance, filaments purplish red, ripe cob and grain is purple black, black with rare varieties of sweet waxy corn.