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          Sweet Glunious Corn
          Baise Lianren--Sweet Glunious Corn

          Baise Lianren--Sweet Glunious Corn

          Variety characteristics:

          High quality white and sweet corn, in the same ear has 75% waxy grains and 25% super sweet grains, sweet delicious, thin skin Wuzha. Ear coarse cone, not bald tip, grain medium arrangement, tidy. The general ear length 20 cm, weighing about 320 grams of fresh ear, bracts green commodity nature is good. Medium maturity varieties are semi compact and stable, and can be reasonably planted according to requirements. Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces spring sowing 85 days, plant height 210 centimeters, yield per mu 1250 kilograms or so. Lodging resistance, high resistance to rust, and resistance to low temperature and rain.