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          Sweet Glunious Corn
          Meiyu Jiatiannuo No.17--Sweet Glunious Corn

          Meiyu Jiatiannuo No.17--Sweet Glunious Corn

          Variety characteristics:

          Early maturing white waxy corn, with one ear in 75% waxy grains and 25% super sweet grain, excellent quality, rich flavor, sweet and delicious. Ear long cone type, neat and uniform, without bald tip, grain white, plump, shiny, in case of low temperature, sweet grain, yellow. Bracts green, beautiful appearance, good quality, general ear length 21 cm, single panicle weight of about 370 grams, 1300 kilograms per mu yield of fresh ear. Plant type is semi compact, plant height is medium, resistant to spot disease and lodging resistance.

          Cultivation points:

          The suitable third accumulative temperature zone was planted in the south. The planting density was 3300 plants per mu, and the soil temperature was stable at 10. Above C, pay attention to seedling pest control, smut prone regions need seed treatment, more phosphorus potassium and organic fertilizer can improve the quality of fresh ear. The temperature fluctuated appearing when the temperature rises oxtail seedlings can be improved.


          The hybrid seed can not, with the need of sweet waxy maize isolated planting, sowing 200 meters apart or wrong.