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          Sweet Glunious Corn
          City Beauty--Sweet Glunious Corn

          City Beauty--Sweet Glunious Corn


          High quality, wide adaptability, neat ear type

          There is 75% glunious corn and 25% super sweet corn at one ear. The quality is excellent and the taste is unique as a good commodity. In the area of south, the height of plant is about 180cm, while in north it is about 200cm, and both plant type is tight. Under the normal density, the rate of double ear is over 80%, with the first ear 19 cm in length and the second is 16cm. The full kernels are in tidy rows without resodue and the resistance to spot, bacterial wilt, sheath blight and other diseases and lodging is strong with strong stem. The growth period is about 89days in the area of northern, and tthe pickingtime is about 75days during he summer sowing. Generally, there is about 800kg yield per acre, and the potential yield is at least 1000kg. The ear is conpounded 9.8% sugar, 10.89% crude protein and 100% amylose whose skin is thin and without residue. It really integrates sweet, smell and waxy as a whole.