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          Sweet Glunious Corn
          Sweet Glunious Corn NO.3--Sweet Glunious Corn

          Sweet Glunious Corn NO.3--Sweet Glunious Corn


          High quality, high sweetness, wide adaptability, high rate of double ear There is 55% of glunious kernels and 45% sweet kernels in one ear. The high- mid-sized plant is half tight with thin skin and without residue. The mid-maturing corn is in good quality with decilious taste. The rate of dounle ear is high with good stability and strong stress resistance.Zhejing area has saw 80 day of the growth period with 209cm in plant height and 79cm in ear height. The length of the first ear is 17-19 cm, 4.4 cm in diameter, and the second ear is 13-16cm in height and 4.0cm in diameter. It enjoys strong resistance to spot, stem rot, dwarf mosaic virus, and sheath blight. The density of the plant is 3500-4000plant per acre with the yield of 850kg per acre. Pay attention to rust disease, and bollworm. Isolation cultivation is appreciated.