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          Add: Liufang Road, Haikou, Hainan Province, Golden Island on the 9th Floor, Room 101
          Zip: 571100
          Tel: 400-860-2499
          Fax: 0898-65379933

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            Hainan Luchuan Seed Co., Ltd was founded in 2001 and committed to breeding and promotion of sweet-waxy maize. We provide stable and high-quality seeds for our partners.

            Hainan Luchuan has been the first commercial breeding of sweet and waxy maize to use double recessive genes since its establishment. In 2004, the first commercial variety of sweet and waxy maize in the world, “DuShi LiRen”, was approved. For many years, we are leading the way for the development of sweet and waxy maize in China, creating the third category of fresh-eating maize. The R&D team of the company continues to innovate. After the sweet-waxy plus varieties, they have developed the new breeding methods for cool sweet-waxy maize and applied for the national invention patents, initiating another category of fresh-eating maize.

            The company has built 6 ecological core breeding stations with more than 10,000 annual mating combinations and identified them at different latitudes and altitudes in China with breeding categories covering the tropical zone to Heilongjiang quaternary temperate zone.

            According to the differences of climates and environments in various places, we implement strategies as combined directional breeding, selection of main planting sites, customization with the expect to realize high matching of quality, yield and resistance, as well as assist to enhance the partners’ values.

            Luchuan insists on innovation, green development, customizes maizes for you and continuously provides nutritious and healthy varieties for global consumers.